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New Resin From MakerJuice – SubG+

We’ve been hard at work lately and have some really exciting things happening around mUVe 3D. A lot of that information will be released over the next few weeks. Right now we want to talk about the new resin offering from our friends at MakerJuice. They’ve been busy formulating new resin mixes and this latest, SubG+,  looks to be a rather substantial addition. SubG+ has proven so far in our tests to offer much higher performance when compared to standard SubG. The first apparent difference is the feel and strength of the printed part. We have done our testing so far with red SubG+, though the other colors should be the same, and the feel is a much more solid and substantial. There is less

mUVe 3D GCode Fix – Update Version 0.6.6

There has been an update release for the mUVe 3D GCode correction tool. It is available for download here and on our software page. The current version fixes an issue where the first Z lift layer was being skipped. Instead of printing the first layer at the first layer height, the print would start at a Z height of 0. Then the first layer change would do the peel move as normal and then move to the height of the second layer. In most cases the layers are .1mm so the print would move from 0 for the first layer to .2mm for the second layer. This probably wasn’t causing too much of an issue but could be causing some parts to break away from the

Support Material Tests

Sometimes you just need to print something that requires support material. Unfortunately none of the slicing engines out there really work well with resin based printers, as least so far. What we are left with is making support material ourselves within CAD software or generating it using support generation processing software. One of our customers brought up the Open Source software created by the folks behind the B9Creator. We though that we ought to give it a shot and share our thoughts with you. We truly love Open Source here at mUVe 3D and we can’t thank the folks at B9 Creations for being such active participants!   To get started we took a couple of difficult models, again by @Dizingof, and added some support

Dizingof Eiffel

It’s been far too long since we’ve posted one of our test prints, so I guess it’s about that time! The version of the Eiffel Tower that Dizingof has worked up from his exceptionally creative mind is nothing short of what to expect considering the artist/designer’s long past of fantastic models. Many of them aren’t available to the general public anymore but Dizingof has been generous enough to let us continue to use his models, and has even shared some new ones! More on that in a couple more weeks though. For now feast your eyes on the mUVe 1 printed version of the Dizingof Eiffel Tower. Please visit his site and also consider following on Twitter, @Dizingof. I’m sure there are many more wonderful

mUVe 3D GCode Fix v0.6.5

We have fixed the latest bugs in our software and everything is testing out just fine. Please download the latest version as soon as possible. Continuing to use the old version of the software could damage your machine if you don’t make the appropriate fixes to the GCode. We appreciate your patience over the past couple days while we’ve worked through the issues and tested the changes. You can download the files from the software page or by using the link below. [button link=”” style=”download” window=”yes”]mUVe 3D GCode Fix v0.6.5[/button]

mUVe 3D GCode Fix Software Bug – Important

Anyone currently using the mUVe 1 printer and the mUVe 3D GCode fix program should read this post. Currently there is a potentially machine damaging bug in the software and we are working as quickly as we can to fix it. We hope to have something out to you all within 48 hours. The bug is rather simple to explain. At the end of the GCode file there is some end code that is used to wrap things up with printing and park the machine. For some reason our software isn’t just taking that code as is from Slic3r and appending it to the file. It actually processes the lines and then causes a major issue. Depending on how large your part is, it will

Maker Faire Weekend

The days of July 27 and 28 the team at mUVe 3D was attending the Detroit Maker Faire promoting our printer and checking out all the great sights. Maker Faire in an incredibly rich environment for learning and fun and we had a great time getting to see all the projects out there. We also talked to a lot of people about mUVe 1 and what our project is all about. All in all we had a great time, some bad weather, some bad food and some good, but an experience that none of us will soon forget. The event was held in Dearborn Michigan at the Henry Ford Museum and GreenField Village. It’s a place that is frozen in time and a testament to

DRV8825 Update

The first tests of the DRV8825 driver have gone pretty well. Some things that we have found: 1/32 microstepping is totally un-necessary an doesn’t work all that great. Too little current is available and problems arise easily. The DRV8825 is much more efficient than the A4988, and runs much cooler. 1/8 or 1/16 microstepping work wonderfully with the mUVe 1, we prefer 1/8 so far. Lots of acceleration and power available at 1/8. These make the mUVe 1 run quieter, especially if you turn the source voltage down. The POT on the PSU we supply can get it down to about 10V. So the take-away is that these drivers are going to be sticking around. They perform much better at 1/8 and 1/16 stepping rates

Maker Faire Detroit

The big weekend is fast approaching! mUVe 3D will be joining the action and festivities at Maker Faire in Detroit. The fun takes place this weekend on July 27 and July 28. Please come and see us demo our mUVe 1 3D printer live as well as get the chance to see some of our high-resolution prints. We will be there with as much to offer as we can. Get there early enough and you may get the chance to get your hands on a mUVe 1 3D printer without having to wait. There are only a couple available so make sure to come visit us if you have had an interest in one of our kits! There is a lot more coming to the

Doubling the Resolution

Hello all. We’ve been hard at work this whole week, and what a warm week it was. We hit over 90 degrees in the shop today but kept cool with some big fans. This week we’ve been doing a lot of ordering and should be on to the next batch of kits in no time. I think we were very conservative with our delivery times and I’m really hoping we can deliver on the early side of that window. Aside from that we have also been getting some upgraded electronics for testing. The Pololu DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is based on a chip from TI and offers 1/32 microstepping with 10% more current. Right now we are testing them on the mUVe 1 and

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