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FlexVat – The Grand Arrival

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re days away from releasing an all-new flexible bottom reservoir. Gone will be the days of constantly replacing your printer’s non-stick reservoir coating. Now you’ll be able to get dozens, if not hundreds of prints before needing to worry about replacing any part of the reservoir.

DLP Printer Configuration Tips

We’ve added a new page to our site that we’re going to be adding to on a regular basis. The new page focuses on more complex techniques that can be used to improve print quality, either directly in the part output, or by making difficult to print parts a bit easier. Use the link below, or the link on our software page to find our current tutorial. On the software page it can be found with the slicing profiles for the DLP printer. DLP Printer Advanced Configuration Techniques   Coming soon, Laser System Config Techniques. Mostly dealing with the 150mW laser and PPM laser control.

DLP 1.1 Build, Interactive Help Is Here!

With the addition of Autodesk Inventor into our software resources we’ve been hard at work creating a CAD assembly of the entire machine. From that software we can generate parts lists as well as do nice things like export 3D PDF documents that you can actually zoom, rotate, pan, make parts visible and invisible, and even MEASURE PART LENGTHS! Right from your Adobe Acrobat Reader Software! Just look at the screenshot below! Every part is listed in the “Model Tree” menu on the left, there you can turn on and off individual parts or make them stand out by selecting them. If you’re unsure of the length of an extrusion during the build, just grab the measurement tool. You can measure parts from end to

New Z Axis Prints, Beta Product Release

Our new DLP printer Z axis is ready for beta and is now available in the store for pre-order. The prints coming off this new Z axis are nearly flawless and the nearly all metal construction means it’s incredibly strong. This is shaping up to be the single best upgrade we’ve ever offered, and a price that is unheard-of considering the adjustability and specs. We’re still working on configuring the parts to give the most room for adjustment, but you can expect at least 230mm X, 300mm Y, and 250mm Z of usable print area. The Z is the area where we still may find a few more mm, one pleasant side effect to having such modular components. The best part is that the system

mUVe 1 DLP Shutter Tests

A couple weeks ago some of our forum members were talking about using a shutter system for their DLP setups. Using a shutter would prevent extra light from being emitted toward the build area when printing isn’t taking place, and in-between projected layers during printing. Some resins are so sensitive to light that this process is actually necessary. This is done most simply with a hobby servo and something to act as the shutter material. Preferably something that can block light very well. In our case we laser cut some acrylic, we also engraved an area deeply so that the servo output hub would grip the acrylic very well.

Resin Testing

We’re excited to have received our new resin from just this week. We have standard FunToDo resin as well as the Casting Blend and the Industrial Blend. Quite a few people have been talking about the resin in our forums, so we wanted to get our hands on some and try to get some printing profiles made. We’ll also be doing some casting tests as soon as we can.

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