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Pro Series Printers Are A Great Solution

“It Just Works…I couldn’t be happier with the performance of the mUVe 3D DLP Pro+. There is no doubt that this printer has moved to the top of my recommendation list for resin printers.” Matt Stultz, Make: Vol54

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mUVe 3D DLP ULTIPro 4K Printer and Upgrade Kit

Our cutting edge 4K DLP 3D Printer and printer upgrade kit will catapult you into the next generation of high-resolution SLA 3D printing. Utilizing a 4X resolution upgrade over the previous generation we're able to bring you unheard of resolutions and build areas that are truly next level. The new floor standing platform with built-in shelving and tool holders will fit into any home or office environment.

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mUVe 3D DLP Pro+ HD and 4K Preassembled 3D Printers

They're smaller, simpler and easier to use than the Maker and UltiPro models to maximize output and minimize footprint. Geared toward the professional, this elegant 3D printer fits in anywhere

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mUVe 1 Laser 3D Printers

Our laser printers feature universal laser control and single wavelength light output. Perfect for the lab with a changeable laser, you'll be able to customize this machine to your exact needs

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