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mUVe 1 – First Working Print

Here is some blurry cam of the first working print. It has been a difficult few weeks with a lot of problems and a lot of lessons learned.

First, make sure that your reservoir is and stays liquid tight. Resin is messy and cleanup can be hard. 15 minute epoxy saves the day in this sort of situation, I think there is a small crack in my marine epoxy I used to make the container. It is likely due to the heating and cooling cycles since the start of print tests.

Make sure you have a lot of Isopropyl Alcohol, I have an 11 Cup Pyrex container right now that I am using that is nearly full. The supplied lid seems to be keeping it from evaporating as well so that is a bonus. It can be very hard to scrub resin off of things yet alcohol seems to take care of it pretty easily, so keep it handy. Also a healthy supply of protective gloves won’t hurt.

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