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Parts List and Media

Since last night I have populated the media page with a good amount of images of the beta mUVe 1 3D printer. I also posted a rough list of the items purchased for the project so far, while it’s a bit messy it should include everything that I am currently using on the printer. So

Current Developments

I am in a bit of a stand-still right now since I am waiting on resin to arrive in the mail, I can’t continue testing without it. I have come up with a couple more ideas for an inexpensive case and ordered some material to give my theory a try. I think that the corrugated

mUVe 1 – More First Tests

Since my last post I have extinguished my resin samples and have gone back to redesigning some of the parts to make things more rigid throughout the Z axis. I tried a couple non-stick release coatings for the reservoir as well as made a couple extra reservoirs in case there are issues. I’m thinking that