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Current Project State

There hasn’t been a lot to report lately as there have been a few hangups that are being worked through. We are currently awaiting a supply of glass from a coatings company in Chicago and when it arrives we will be hitting the ground running. Right now it seems like PDMS is not a very long lasting solution to the reservoir resin sticking problem. We really don’t want to release everything with a half-completed approach to one of the largest problems this technology has to overcome, so we wait. We are investing some more money into engineering samples for some great technology so we don’t really have too many worries about finding a solution.

Once we have the sticking problem fixed then it will be on to tuning the software and making a good configuration set for basic printing. I have high hopes for things at this point and with hopefully only a short amount of time, I will be able to lower the cost of entry of Sterolithography from a few thousand to less than a thousand in parts. Even in pre-built form this printer will likely be half the cost of other offerings out there right now. It’s an exciting adventure, much more to come soon!

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