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mUVe 1 Beta – Reservoir, The Final Problem

Updates on the site have been few and far between the last couple months because of all the behind the scenes work going on researching and testing coatings, resin, and build platforms. So far we have found a lot of things and don’t work well but do have some leads on things that will. I have also experimented with 5 different platform materials and am making good headway on what will work best. Currently the Teflon coated glass seems to be out as a reservoir coating, the samples I received back from Orion Coatings in Chicago only to find the hard coating I asked for was an oily residue that wiped right off when I cleaned it with Isopropyl Alcohol. It was a major disappointment because it seemed like this was going to be the answer to our problems, thankfully we still have a few other ideas working right now. The good news out of all of this is that the mechanics are holding up very well and are still whisper quiet, I think the design is going to work out just fine!

Still left to test:

-UHMW Tape. It’s very slippery and very clear, it should arrive in the mail today
-More testing with NanoFilm. So far testing better than others but not quite slick enough
-FEP/Teflon Tape – Should be similar to UHMW but could be different
-Anti-Graffiti Spray – I didn’t like the application process but it should be tried again as it’s very non-stick

Failed in long term tests:

-Teflon spray coating

More to come ASAP! We are going to be diligently testing all weekend as materials are scheduled to arrive today.

It’s all very exciting, it seems to be a good time for SLA printing. We also wanted to mention the great new project on IndieGoGo this week, sLAMPS, we couldn’t be happier to see more people dedicated to bringing the cost of this technology down. While our project is completely different, it is good to see that there is more than one way to approach this technology and still save a lot of money. With the success that was seen in that campaign I think we may do an IndieGoGo campaign of our own. We are very close to being able to release and it won’t take a huge amount of capital to set the wheels in motion.

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