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Getting Ready to GoGo

Hello all. I just wanted to give a update on the way things have been going and what we are working on. As it stands the printer is fully functional! We are using Teflon based tape as the reservoir coating and punched steel as the build platform. We ordered an 80W Professional laser cutter and two 3D printers to deal with the workload. We are mostly finished with the setup of, and are now getting ready to launch our IndieGoGo campaign. With your help we can have a successful launch of the mUVe 1 3D printer. I thank everyone that has helped along the way and given advice, it has been a really great experience. We should be going live with IndieGoGo this week and will likely only do a 2 week campaign, we are ready to get working and it’s not going to take a lot of orders to get us started.

IndieGoGo ScreenCap

Other than the above, here are some other recent developments:

-The software has been simplified and lots of code removed, a build plate is no longer needed here.
-Slic3r has been configured to properly compensate for a build plate, things are much simpler and faster.
-Adjustable Endstops for the Z axis, a small 2mm screw is used.
-Smaller motors for X and Y, less amperage and cooler electronics.
-We setup a Google Group for support of the mUVe 1
-Website finalization is underway and should be official and set within a week, the store as well.
Lots more pictures up on our Google+ Feed

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