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DRV8825 Update

The first tests of the DRV8825 driver have gone pretty well. Some things that we have found: 1/32 microstepping is totally un-necessary an doesn’t work all that great. Too little current is available and problems arise easily. The DRV8825 is much more efficient than the A4988, and runs much cooler. 1/8 or 1/16 microstepping work

Maker Faire Detroit

The big weekend is fast approaching! mUVe 3D will be joining the action and festivities at Maker Faire in Detroit. The fun takes place this weekend on July 27 and July 28. Please come and see us demo our mUVe 1 3D printer live as well as get the chance to see some of our

Zheng3 Continues

I’ve been trying to get through a massive backlog of prints that I promised at one point or another and I’ve made a little progress. Zheng3 recently released a group of 6 rats, as well as 1 rat he sent to me that the Replicator couldn’t print, and I managed to print them all without