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Zheng3 Continues

I’ve been trying to get through a massive backlog of prints that I promised at one point or another and I’ve made a little progress. Zheng3 recently released a group of 6 rats, as well as 1 rat he sent to me that the Replicator couldn’t print, and I managed to print them all without issue. It seems like the mUVe 1 really is a lot more flexible when it comes to complex prints when compared to FFF printing. I have one other part from Zheng3 that he couldn’t print as a single part on the Replicator, or any FFF printer without support for that matter. It’s a tiny pennon and it also printed quite nicely despite a near 90 degree overhang. Check out all the photos and the gallery below!

Rat PackZheng3 Pennon
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