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Doubling the Resolution

Hello all. We’ve been hard at work this whole week, and what a warm week it was. We hit over 90 degrees in the shop today but kept cool with some big fans. This week we’ve been doing a lot of ordering and should be on to the next batch of kits in no time. I think we were very conservative with our delivery times and I’m really hoping we can deliver on the early side of that window. Aside from that we have also been getting some upgraded electronics for testing. The Pololu DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is based on a chip from TI and offers 1/32 microstepping with 10% more current. Right now we are testing them on the mUVe 1 and so far things are running very nicely. We will have an updated firmware on the site within a day or so, we want to get a few prints in before releasing the files. We did put them up for sale in the store so please go ahead and see if they might be the type of upgrade you are looking for!


TI-DRV8825 by Pololu Now Available!



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