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New DLP Kit Options

Today we’re happy to announce the initial sale of the mUVe 1.1 DLP system. It’s the same as our mUVe 1 DLP that is out right now, but replaces the chassis for the new Z axis that we just released a week ago! The cost is only $100 more than the original printer and the improvement in performance is easily worth 10x that. So those of you that have been waiting for one of our new kits can head on over to the mUVe 1 DLP printer page and you’ll find the new kits in the dropdown list. We hope you love the upgrades as much as we do!

Project Updates

We haven’t been able to post as much the last month or so because of how busy we’ve been, keeping up with increasing sales and increased development speed. We’ve been close to releasing several of our projects but there always seems to be one or more hangup that stops us from feeling good about releasing.

mUVe 1 DLP Shutter Tests

A couple weeks ago some of our forum members were talking about using a shutter system for their DLP setups. Using a shutter would prevent extra light from being emitted toward the build area when printing isn’t taking place, and in-between projected layers during printing. Some resins are so sensitive to light that this process is actually necessary. This is done most simply with a hobby servo and something to act as the shutter material. Preferably something that can block light very well. In our case we laser cut some acrylic, we also engraved an area deeply so that the servo output hub would grip the acrylic very well.

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