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Community Created Modified Iris Mount

Today we are pleased to share our first community contributed re-design to a 3D printed part. Keith was nice enough to share his modified iris mount on our forums and definitely deserves a pat on the back for his much improved design. The new iris mount has a tensioned spring holding the iris adjustment lever as well as a set screw. This should effectively eliminate any play, and therefore changes to the laser point size during printing.

What we’re up to…

Tonight we added the standard NEMA 17 motor that is used on the mUVe 1 to the store. If you are building your own machine or need a replacement you need look no farther. Also added tonight are the MicroRax components of the mUVe 1. Generally these components cost a bit more when you buy them individually from MicroRax but we wanted to offer them in a form that will save you a little money. So head on over to the store and check out all the we have to offer!

New Beta and Alpha Firmware Plus Versioning on Git

Today we are releasing two new firmwares for your testing, we are also re-organizing the way that we store our firmware of Github. As of today you will find that the firmware has been broken into 3 categories, running, beta, and alpha. Running firmware is the current tested and stable firmware, the beta firmware is new and considered stable but needs testing, and the alpha is generally unstable and still needs work and testing, and it probably isn’t documented other than in the comments. The current firmware can be found in the running firmware repository.