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New Beta and Alpha Firmware Plus Versioning on Git

Today we are releasing two new firmwares for your testing, we are also re-organizing the way that we store our firmware of Github. As of today you will find that the firmware has been broken into 3 categories, running, beta, and alpha. Running firmware is the current tested and stable firmware, the beta firmware is new and considered stable but needs testing, and the alpha is generally unstable and still needs work and testing, and it probably isn’t documented other than in the comments. The current firmware can be found in the running firmware repository. Link directly below.

[button link=”https://github.com/mUVe3D/Marlin-mUVe1-Running/archive/master.zip” style=”download” window=”no”]Running FW[/button]

The new beta and alpha firmwares are very exciting. The beta takes the laser controls and rolls them into the buffer so that there are no more interrupts or pauses to make the laser turn on or off. This is a big step in the right direction for getting print quality up much higher than it is now. The beta has been tested by us for about a week and is definitely worth installing on your machine as soon as you can. No other changes to the way the machine operates were done in this firmware. Use the same M650 and options to set you laser and peel function settings. Download the beta below.

[button link=”https://github.com/mUVe3D/Marlin-mUVe1-Beta/archive/Marlin_v1.zip” style=”download” window=”no”]Beta FW[/button]

The alpha firmware is finally looking into PPM laser control. This will allow the machine to pulse the laser a set number of times per mm, with a set time for the laser being on for each pulse. This will allow true hi-resolution printing without overshoot, and it will free us from having to worry about speed controls. You’ll simply move the machine as fast as you can. Currently two new variables have been added to the M650 function, Q* where * is the number of pulses per mm with a default of 10, and C* where * is the number of milliseconds to keep the laser on with a default of 3. Expect this firmware to crash if you use it, you’ll probably want to stay close by. Also expect this firmware to make you printer very slow, right now the pulsing of the laser slows down the Arduino substantially. Hopefully there is still a way to address this on the Arduino Mega 2560 but it may require the power of the Due, thankfully we are already looking into that as well :) Download the alpha below.

[button link=”https://github.com/mUVe3D/Marlin-mUVe1-Alpha/archive/master.zip” style=”download” window=”no”]Alpha FW[/button]

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