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Reservoir Cleanup

If you’re like us then your reservoir/s have seen some heavy use over the months and over that time they may seem to buildup with more and more resin crud. What we noticed is that the pigments in the resin are sticking to the glass over time and simple soap and water in the sink doesn’t seem to cut through it. Even using a paper tower and some pressure doesn’t always get the buildup off of the glass. Through some trial and error with different products we’ve found a good combination that can get your reservoirs squeaky clean once again.

Updated: Highly Improved Firmware in Alpha

Today is a very good day for mUVe 3D and the open-source community. We’ve been working with Tim Schmidt and the Lansing Makers Network on building laser control into the Marlin firmware. This is an addition that allows for the use of pulsed lasers in addition to the standard FFF elements. We are still in the testing stages and there are bugs to fix and features to add, but it has been running stable enough that we can now share it with you. With any luck we will be able to roll these changes into the standard Marlin firmware and we will no longer have to maintain a separate repository for the main running firmware, only our development branches. So please read about the additions below and get to testing and let us know what you think the Google Group.