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Reservoir Cleanup

If you’re like us then your reservoir/s have seen some heavy use over the months and over that time they may seem to buildup with more and more resin crud. What we noticed is that the pigments in the resin are sticking to the glass over time and simple soap and water in the sink doesn’t seem to cut through it. Even using a paper tower and some pressure doesn’t always get the buildup off of the glass. Through some trial and error with different products we’ve found a good combination that can get your reservoirs squeaky clean once again.

The first step is to completely clean the reservoir with dish soap as normal in the sink. Using warm water and a paper towel will allow you to scrub the majority of the residue off the glass. Next spray some Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner into the reservoir and use a new piece of paper towel to once again scrub. The Simple Green seems to cut through everything that the resin can dish out and will dissolve the pigment buildup as well. The only thing that it does not do is give you a non-streaked finish on the glass. So once you clean the reservoir thoroughly dry it off and use standard glass cleaner and paper towel.

You can find Simple Green many places, online and locally. Just make sure you use proper protection when using chemicals.

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