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Aluminum Case Build Instructions

We finally have instructions up for the new Aluminum Case. You can use the link below to view them, for better images download the file to your local computer. Google Drive compresses the images when viewing in the browser. As always, if there are any issues you need us to fix please let us know on the forums, in the Google Drive comments area, or via email. We hope you all like our new printer look, we sure are enjoying all the added features. And don’t forget, we’re going to be releasing our beta firmware soon. It’s going to address a ton of issues that are still lurking in the alpha.

mUVe 3D at Midwest RepRap Festival

We will be attending the Midwest RepRap Festival this weekend in Goshen, In. It may cause a slight delay of no more than a day or two on some smaller orders, but most kit orders will still ship on time. We expect there to be a good turnout for the festival and we’ll be showing off some “unseen” new developments for the mUVe 1. We’re really excited for what is happening right now and what will be coming so if you want a sneak peek be sure to come out and see us. The festival goes from March 14-16. We hope to see you all there!