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Midwest RepRap Fest, Updates, and New Kits in the Store

It has been a very busy week for the mUVe 3D team. We had a great weekend at the Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF), we added a member to our team, and we have new kits in the store! Let get right to the details :)

MRRF 2014

The MRRF took place from March 14-16 in Goshen, IN and was hosted by SeeMe CNC. It is probably one of the best, if not the best Open-Source 3D printer show in the United States. The amount of printer technology there easily outpaced MakerFaire and was a really great highlight to the wonderful things to come. It was a really friendly atmosphere and some of the talks brought up some great points about the current state of the field and hopefully got a lot of folks thinking. HackADay has posted a couple articles, and some great videos since the event and they are very work taking a look at.



The article first was on 3D BioPrinting and brought up the possibilities for the future of the the field through a talk from researchers at Rice University. We had the pleasure of speaking with them for quite a period of time. They are working toward determining the capability of using UV resins to create the lattice that allows the flow of cellular nutrients that could potentially grow living cell structures. There is already some success using other UV sources, such as DLP, so we are hopeful that UV laser diodes will only be a step further in the right direction. We are working with them to get a custom mUVe 1 kit to their lab so they can get right to testing. We’re very hopeful for their success and will continue to do whatever we can to support their venture. Also be sure to check out the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, which they founded.

The second article was a general roundup of all the event and had several videos, including one of us! So be sure to check out the HackADay MRRF: Roundtable and Roundup. After the event on Saturday we even had the chance to sit down to dinner with some of the greats of the Open 3D Printing industry like Josef Prusa, well known Open-Source legend Tonokip, Josh from MakerJuice, as well as the gentlemen from Rice University. Overall it was a great time and if you get the chance we highly recommend you attend next year!


mUVe 3D Moving Forward

On the topic of developments for mUVe 3D, we are pleased to announce a new member to our team. Tim Schmidt of Lansing, MI, one of the founding members of the Lansing Makers Network, and our biggest firmware developer/contributor! Tim is now going to be working on mUVe 1 Firmware on a regular basis and will help take the mUVe 1 to the next level with intelligent laser controls. We might also have a few other ideas up our sleeves and hope that you all get to see just how far we can take this printer. So please join us in welcoming him to the team!



New Kits and Cases

Last but certainly not least, we have finally released new kits to the store that include the new Aluminum case! These kits will have a slightly longer ship time at first, but we should be able to keep up pretty well. Suppliers are pretty fast, and so are we :) So whether or not you have the older wooden case and want a new one, or you want an Aluminum case right off the bat, we have a kit available to suit your needs.

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