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We’re Finally Back

After ~28 hours of downtime from our host, JustHost/BlueHost, we are finally back up and running. They say there was an issue with their core router and/or several others, and that they had to work with the vendor to produce a patch and roll it out to all their devices. This of course took some time but it looks like things are back up and running, and we’re honestly relieved to find that it wasn’t related to an OpenSSL issue or something related to their network security. On the topic of OpenSSL we would also like to assure you all that we are running as safely as we possibly can. BlueHost had the OpenSSL patch early and replaced all their certs before the problem went public. They have also continued to keep up with the issue and should have kept us out trouble on this one. Many thanks to them for that. So we are still running SSL for all logins and purchases, and we process all purchases through PayPal. They have many security safeguards in place and are honestly one of the most secure ways to send money around the world today. We’d like to thank you all for your patience while we were away and should anyone have any questions please feel free to direct them to us at mUVe3d@gmail.com

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