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The First DLP Kit Has Shipped!

After much anticipation the first mUVe 1 DLP has left the workshop! This evening we prepped and shipped our first beta DLP kit, we had to start with the kits that don’t come with projectors. We are still waiting for the large boxes for the projector inclusive kits to arrive, they will be here tomorrow. So all kits that came with projectors will start shipping tomorrow afternoon. We should have all the DLP kit orders through the 11th of June out by the end of the weekend, so if you’re order is on or before that date you can expect a package coming soon! We really hope you all enjoy!

The Horde At Zheng3.com

Zheng3.com has long been a source of great and interesting models, for both show and table-top gaming. From Seej to his print of Dutchmogul’s Baby’s First Mace we’re always excited to see what’s coming next. Recently we spoke with Jim about future projects and we brought up our new DLP printer. We both thought it would be a great opportunity to show off the latest at Zheng3.com, The Horde. It’s a new subscription-only mailing list and model share. Joining “The Horde” will not only keep you up to date with newsletters of their latest projects, but it will also get you exclusive models that you can’t get anywhere else! They won’t be made public.

All DLP Kits Now For Sale

We’ve finally opened up for sales of all of our new DLP kits, including the $2099 Full-HD model which was put up for sale just now. Detailed specifications are still a bit sparse but we’re working on getting everything released asap. Today we finally tested a Full-HD projector with good success, the better news is that we were able to go past 50 micron on the X/Y axis with the standard lenses! The Full-HD model is initially going to ship with a ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector. Though we may be offering an Acer model as well. Please direct any questions to our message board.

Give Yourself a Free Upgrade. Reconfigured Stiffer Z axis.

Over the last few weeks while we’ve been doing a lot of building/rebuilding/prototyping, we came across a way to add a few millimeters to the travel of the mUVe 1 Z axis. It also improves the rigidity by a substantial margin. The reconfiguration is pretty simple and takes advantage of a few of the parts left-over from the kits we send. It should only take 30 minutes to make the changes.