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DLP Mount in the Store, Upcoming Kit Prices

It has been especially busy the last week. We’ve been heavy into prototyping our new systems and running DLP print tests. The good news is that we’re almost done with the DLP only mUVe 1 design and should be able to have the printers up for pre-sale within a couple days. We have also completed the design of the projector mount and the extensions for the mUVe 1 case so that current customers can get in on the DLP action for very little money.

The mUVe 1 Aluminum case DLP mount can be viewed here

The upcoming kits should be priced as follows:

-mUVe 1 Aluminum DLP Mount with PJD5533W.          $599

-DLP only mUVe 1, provide your own projector.          $999

-DLP only mUVe 1, PJD5533W projector.           $1549

-DLP only mUVe 1, Full-HD projector.          $2099


More kits will likely follow however we need to do some cleanup and reorganization of our kit structure on the website. The wooden case kits are going to be pulled into a new SKU called the mUVe 1 Classic. Then we will be able to start offering options that come with both the new mUVe 1 in the Aluminum case that include BOTH laser and DLP options. That full machine with laser and DLP will probably be priced around $2499.


As always, just find us in the support group if you have questions!


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