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Give Yourself a Free Upgrade. Reconfigured Stiffer Z axis.

Over the last few weeks while we’ve been doing a lot of building/rebuilding/prototyping, we came across a way to add a few millimeters to the travel of the mUVe 1 Z axis. It also improves the rigidity by a substantial margin. The reconfiguration is pretty simple and takes advantage of a few of the parts left-over from the kits we send. It should only take 30 minutes to make the changes.

At the top of the Z axis on the outside of the paired up vertical MicroRax there is normally a plastic printed part that locks the separation distance of the linear slide uprights. What we did was move this to the inside and put it on the bottom of the horizontal beam that connects the two sides. In addition to that we also added metal 90 degree brackets to each of the top corners. What you end up with are a few more millimeters of travel up the Z axis, and a whole lot more rigidity. See the images below for more details!

Any questions should be directed to our Google Group.


IMG_2000 (Large)

Notice the metal 90 degree MicroRax brackets on the inside of each of the top corners. The plastic separator that was moved from the outside is now just inside those brackets. Ignore the non-standard Z screw mounts and missing components from the left side.

IMG_2001 (Large)

A clearer view of the top right corner.

IMG_2004 (Large)

A view of the outside edge with plastic bracket removed.

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