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100µm Test Prints, More Coming Tomorrow

We’ve been running through as many test prints as we can. Unfortunately a decent number of them were requests and we were asked to keep them private by the model owners. However there are some that we can share. So for now we are looking at 100 micron prints, we are actively testing 80 micron and should have images of them soon. After that we will be testing 50 micron.

Tomorrow we will have a special model to share, it too was at 100 micron.

For now we have the 120 cell Hecatonicosachoron by George Hart, proper credits to Goophoba below.

IMG_2187 (Large)

IMG_2189 (Large)

IMG_2193 (Large)

IMG_2192 (Large)

IMG_2196 (Large)

IMG_2197 (Large)


-There was some overcure as you can see the overshoot on the small copy of the part. Adjusting the layer exposure timing should help. Also, mixing the resin mid-print will help minimize settling, less pigment generally worsens overshoot.

-There is still support on the small copy. We made a few of them and after breaking the part several times we decided to just take some images with it still attached. Adjusting the size of the supports and removing a couple of them will help a lot in this situation.


120 Cell by George Hart Hecatonicosachoron (Goophoba) / CC BY-SA 3.0

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