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The Horde At Zheng3.com

Zheng3.com has long been a source of great and interesting models, for both show and table-top gaming. From Seej to his print of Dutchmogul’s  Baby’s First Mace we’re always excited to see what’s coming next. Recently we spoke with Jim about future projects and we brought up our new DLP printer. We both thought it would be a great opportunity to show off the latest at Zheng3.com, The Horde. It’s a new subscription-only mailing list and model share. Joining “The Horde” will not only keep you up to date with newsletters of their latest projects, but it will also get you exclusive models that you can’t get anywhere else! They won’t be made public.

So take a look at his latest model, printed at 100 micron in Red MakerJuice SubG+ on the mUVe 1 DLP, and considering joining this exclusive group today!


IMG_2185 (Large) IMG_2172 (Large) IMG_2174 (Large) IMG_2181 (Large)

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