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The First DLP Kit Has Shipped!

After much anticipation the first mUVe 1 DLP has left the workshop! This evening we prepped and shipped our first beta DLP kit,  we had to start with the kits that don’t come with projectors. We are still waiting for the large boxes for the projector inclusive kits to arrive, they will be here tomorrow. So all kits that came with projectors will start shipping tomorrow afternoon. We should have all the DLP kit orders through the 11th of June out by the end of the weekend, so if you’re order is on or before that date you can expect a package coming soon!  We really hope you all enjoy!

Other news/updates:

-We’ve decided to include Metal Z axis motor mounts for free on all the DLP kits.

-We’ve tested a new ABS resin and have had some good results. We’ll share them over the weekend once we get some time from shipping :)

-DLP Kit build instructions are being finalized and will be released this weekend.

-The documentation area of the website is going to get a bit of a revamp to help with organization and the new incoming instructions.

-We are working with Envision Labs on a custom version of Creation Workshop. It will be a “licensed” bit of software that will be free to everyone who has purchased a full DLP system. We have yet to determine the cost, if any, for folks that are upgrading from a laser machine and just buying the DLP mount. There may be a small charge of $10-20, but there will always be the option to use the standard version of Creation Workshop. There won’t be much difference aside from some pre-set configurations and a splash of paint. We hope to have a preliminary release by the time the first kits are being assembled.


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