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The MicroRax Blog

MicroRax is an incredibly useful prototyping system. That’s why we still use it for our main chassis. It allows us to have a solid frame but also allows for almost infinite adjustments and additions. The team at MicroRax recently started a blog and there are already quite a few great posts that highlight some of the useful ways you can work with the MicroRax system. Check the link below to see what they’ve been up to!

Creation Workshop Slicing Profiles

We’re sharing our latest slicing profiles for Creation Workshop. They are nearly the same as what is put in the documentation for the DLP system, but if you extract these files and drop them into the “Profiles” folder of Creation Workshop then it will save you the time of having to enter anything manually. Included are profiles for .1mm layer height for both the 1280×800 and 1920×1080 projectors.

PJD5533W Spectral Output

Several people have asked what UV spectrum range the projectors we use provide will output. We’ve listened and got ourselves the DIY Spectrometry Kit from publiclab.org. Today we managed to get the unit built and calibrated and we had a ViewSonic PJD5533W 1280×800 pixel projector that wasn’t currently printing. So we took it off the printer and got a reading. The output is below: