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mUVe 1 DLP Shutter Tests

A couple weeks ago some of our forum members were talking about using a shutter system for their DLP setups. Using a shutter would prevent extra light from being emitted toward the build area when printing isn’t taking place, and in-between projected layers during printing. Some resins are so sensitive to light that this process is actually necessary. This is done most simply with a hobby servo and something to act as the shutter material. Preferably something that can block light very well. In our case we laser cut some acrylic, we also engraved an area deeply so that the servo output hub would grip the acrylic very well.

New Documentation

After many hours/days of work, we’ve updated our laser chassis build documentation as well as the electronics/getting started document. Both apply to the laser style machine but the DLP version will be coming soon as well. As always we appreciate any feedback you may have, and we still have commenting turned on so you can post right inside the document.

Resin Testing

We’re excited to have received our new resin from http://studioqubed.com/ just this week. We have standard FunToDo resin as well as the Casting Blend and the Industrial Blend. Quite a few people have been talking about the resin in our forums, so we wanted to get our hands on some and try to get some printing profiles made. We’ll also be doing some casting tests as soon as we can.

Maker Faire Detroit 2014

This year we attended Maker Faire with high hopes. Last year was a great time, though not without some hiccups, and this year was slated to be even larger. Make had estimated about 25k people to attend the event over Saturday and Sunday. This year it was at the same location at the Greenfield Village inside the “Henry Ford Museum.” The location is really amazing and it becomes hard to take it all in, especially with our hectic schedule of setup, working the event, and the eventual tear-down. But we had a great time once again and we’d really like to thank everyone that was involved.

Quick Updates

-We’ve added the Projector Protector to the store, just in-case someone already needs a new one ;)
-We also added the new Aluminum Build Plate to the store.
-After a request, we made instructions for the installation and removal of Silicone Elastomer reservoir coatings.
-We also fixed and uploaded the DLP system slicing profiles. Let us know if you find any more issues.