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DLP 1.1 Build, Interactive Help Is Here!

With the addition of Autodesk Inventor into our software resources we’ve been hard at work creating a CAD assembly of the entire machine. From that software we can generate parts lists as well as do nice things like export 3D PDF documents that you can actually zoom, rotate, pan, make parts visible and invisible, and even MEASURE PART LENGTHS! Right from your Adobe Acrobat Reader Software!

Just look at the screenshot below! Every part is listed in the “Model Tree” menu on the left, there you can turn on and off individual parts or make them stand out by selecting them. If you’re unsure of the length of an extrusion during the build, just grab the measurement tool. You can measure parts from end to end and get instant results. We’ve even gone ahead and color coded the extrusions, all the extrusions of the same color also share the same length. The best part of it all, you’ll be able to get the view you NEED and not just static views like we’ve done in the past. This will truly become interactive documentation.

PDF View


Please be aware that while this machine drawing is nearly complete, it is missing several parts. Namely the panels and the electronics are missing. As we update the drawing we’ll overwrite the original. So you should be able to check back from time to time if you wanted to get the completed version.

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT! Do not try to view it in your web browser, the document requires 3D acceleration and will need to be opened locally in order to view it properly. Right Click and select “Save Target As…..”

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