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New mUVe 1 Laser Firmware

Today we’re very pleased to share the details of the latest release of the beta firmware for the mUVe 1 Laser 3D Printer. This release addresses a great deal of bugs and also contains a complete rewrite of the laser pulsing control. We owe a great thanks to our community friend Ante Vukorepa from Croatia. He spent a good deal of time working with the original PPM laser code and an Oscilloscope until he was able to clean the laser pulse duration and PPM calculation. Now with laser timing and pulses working correctly with coordinated motion, there is a substantial increase in print quality. Just take a look at the before and after photos below, it’s amazing! Not only that, but motion as a whole is much smoother. Before the PPM code was interrupting the motion of the machine, as was some of the original Marlin code that manages things like extruders and heated build plates. All added together, there were noticeable stutters taking place during fast moves, as well as problems keeping the pulse times under control. With all of that removed we finally have a clean working firmware and we hope that all the folks out there with the mUVe 1 Laser printers will upload it to their machines right away and start reaping the benefits!



Old Beta Left – New Beta Right, Ignore the white areas on the right image, that was caused by too much soak time in Isopropyl Alcohol. Notice the increased detail in the right image, especially in the face of the lion.

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