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Aluminum Build Plate Mounts

Today we released the Aluminum Build Plate Mount for all printers. This mount should work on all machines, it will increase stiffness and make it much easier to remove and replace the build plate. For those of you who have the mUVe 1.1 DLP , order this kit and you’ll remove the last 3D printed components from your machine. We will proceed to replace the 3D printed mounts in our kits in a slow roll-out that will start with the mUVe 1.1 DLP Pre-Assembled Machines, details on when the other kits will receive this equipment as standard will be posted as it becomes available.

We think is is another great upgrade and we’re happy that everyone can use it, even the oldest mUVe 1 laser printer should have no issues. Punched steel and Aluminum build plates should both work as well.

Buy the Aluminum Build Plate Mount Now!

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