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FlexVat – The Grand Arrival

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re days away from releasing an all-new flexible bottom reservoir. Gone will be the days of constantly replacing your printer’s non-stick reservoir coating. Now you’ll be able to get dozens, if not hundreds of prints before needing to worry about replacing any part of the reservoir. Even better is that we’ve been cutting our print times by up to 50%. So get ready, this is a game changer!

We’ve decided to keep the system simple, easy to build, and comprised of easily replaced components. So when you do finally need to replace that non-stick coating you won’t need to replace the whole reservoir! Keep watching this week, we’ll have pricing and details asap!

IMG_2590_web IMG_2588_web


The images above aren’t necessarily indicative of the final product, some small changes should be expected. We will release new images along with the price when we are able to do so. This will be a DIY kit, but it is not difficult to assemble. All details relating to dimensions, mounting, materials, etc. will be answered when the pre-sale goes live.


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