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Tablet Mount – Coming Next Week

We know there are a fair number of you out there that want to run your DLP printers without having to leave your laptop or PC sitting in the office as a dedicated 3D printer computer. It’s a little known fact that there are actually some modestly priced tablets that one can purchase right now for under $100 that are completely capable of taking the place of your computer! One particular tablet we’ve been using as of late is the Winbook TW700. It features a quad-core processor, full size USB and separate charge micro USB, MicroSD slot, Wifi, and HDMI out via a micro HDMI port. It is based on Windows 8.1 and will happily run Creation Workshop without much of any loss in processing speed. So far over our 4-5 weeks of testing we’ve had 0 issues with reliability and can definitely give our recommendation to anyone out there looking for a solid computer replacement for their DLP printer. Just don’t expect to install much, and make sure you have a large MicroSD with all your Creation Workshop program files, projects, and models.

Given all this great news, we though it best to share our latest addition to the mUVe 1 series of 3D printers. A front facing tablet mount that attaches to your case front door! It’s features completely adjustable platform that will perfectly fit your small tablet or netbook. Just add a USB hub, power strip, and RS232 controller and you’ll have an all-in-one DLP or Laser printer that features auto startup and shutdown all in a small and manageable package. For our setup we found it best to also purchase a stylus and a handheld keyboard and mouse, these inexpensive additions make it a lot easier to get around having large or even dirty fingers. Take a look at the images of our setup below!

Tabmnt_std Tabmnt_Full

We’ll have dimensions for the mount as well as pricing just as soon as it is released in our store early next week! So be sure to check back, we have the parts for this kit already on the way and we will be shipping immediately!

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