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Replacement Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) for the mUVe3D FlexVat

Just a quick update on our recent projects after a long weekend of progress.

FlexVat instructions have been posted to the docmentation page. Replacement components for the FlexVat have also been added to our store. You can now order replacement FEP membranes and acrylic components. These are the only parts of the FlexVat that should ever need replacing.

The tablet mount details should be coming tomorrow evening. We’ll have everything up for sale as well as final dimensions for all of those who have been asking. We hope to make the mount compatible with a large array of devices, but there are always limits to what we can do. So don’t expect to fit a full size laptop on the tablet mount :)

Shutter testing has continued. We may move forward on offering metal shutters for standard sized servos and simply provide instructions. It seems there is a lot of issues finding appropriately priced servos that operate at decent sound levels. So in the end it may be best to leave it up to you to decide on getting a cheap and loud servo, or an expensive and quiet digital servo for your shutter system. Either way, we’re not going to wait any longer and should have a final decision by the end of the week. We’ll likely offer multiple options so that folks with non-mUVe 3D provided projectors can use them too.

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