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Uber Z

Just in time for the holidays!

Introducing the Uber Z Axis for mUVe 3D DLP printers. Our newest in-place printer upgrade is sure to be a stunner! You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. The new hardware features 20mm Aluminum Extrusion cross-member support for 4x strength, no more flexing build plate mounts or flexing stresses with large prints. It’s solid as a rock! Gone are all the MicroRax and in-place are a pair of 3mm Aluminum brackets that we’ve had custom made. It connects the leadscrew, linear slide, and the cross-member tilt mechanism! So welcome in the next generation and get your upgrade today!

These additions will be shipping on all prebuilt DLP printers as of right now, if you have an order that hasn’t been shipped to you yet then we’re upgrading it free of charge! Kits will see the upgrades rolled into a new version of the printer next month, so if you’re in the market for a new printer as well as the upgrade just be sure to add the $49.99 upgrade kit to your cart before checking out. Happy holidays and happy printing!

Primary Features:

-In-place upgrade to all DLP printers, no buying a new printer :)

-20mm vs 10mm standard style cross-member.

-Single piece for each leadscrew, linear slide, tilt attachment. Removing over 50 parts!

-Easier to adjust after the upgrade, and it’s not too bad on the eyes either.

Buy Now!

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