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nanoDLP – Clearing the Way

Today we’re happy to announce the arrival of a custom version of the nanoDLP software for mUVe 3D DLP printers. All details can be found in our new documentation, just click the link from the support menu above. nanoDLP is a huge addition to the printer landscape as it finally allows for use of our DLP printers without the need to be tethered to a PC. Baked inside are a ton of advanced features as well as support for a plethora of 3D printer designs and electronic setups.

We’ve been working with the folks from nanoDLP for the better part of a month now on making a reliable and easy to use solution that will surely be a welcome replacement to running desktop software. nanoDLP runs on Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi 2, this means that for about $50 you can replace your PC’s function in the DLP printer control system. All while getting network connected capabilities that will allow you to manage your printer from nearly any device with a web browser. Look below for a list of features:

-Multi-printer support, networked printers allow you to have as many machines as you can fit without needing a ton of extra computers to control them.

-Masking support, add projector masks to even the light intensity across the projected surface. Increasing print quality.

-Support for 3D party printer control boards. Control virtually all GCode commanded boards through i2c or serial.

-GPIO control for steppers directly connected to the RPi, as well as servos connected to the RPi.

-Raspberry Pi Camera support.

-16×2 LCD support through i2c.

-GPIO stop and shutdown button capable.

-Blackout sections of a print during printing to prevent continued wasted use of resins!

-Support SLC and SVG formats for file importing.

-Advanced Print Management via addressable variables in software, i.e. Layer Number, Layer Thickness, Z Lift Distance, Z Speed, Total Solid Printed Area, Largest Area, Delay, Pause, GPIO Pin Wait, Done Message Waits, as well as binary and math support. So you can do just about anything you want to! We’re talking automated peel speeds based on printed area or even simple things like calling audio files when a print is complete!


So get ready, things are changing and all for the better! Head out and get your Raspberry Pi 2 and get started today! As one last bit of good news, we’re adding Raspberry Pi 2’s as well as preloaded SD cards to both of our premium kits as of this moment. So if you order a hand-built kit with a projector, or the prebuilt system with a projector, you’ll be getting nanoDLP and all these great new features right away!


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