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DLP Printer Name Changes

Yesterday we quietly made some changes to the website. We’ve overhauled the categorization and removed the version numbers from our printer lineups to give them proper names! Gone will be the standard system numbers that we’ve used up to now. In it’s place will be a standard system for making all future add-on parts compatible with all, or specific systems. Each part will be categorized by its compatibility in our store making it even easier to decide what parts will work with your machine.

The DLP V1.5 system as it currently stands was getting ready for further upgrades, mainly the addition of the Uber Z axis, but also changes that better equip our community for working with nanoDLP. As of today our V1.5 Aluminum chassis and case printers will be known as the Maker, Maker X, and ULTIPro+  with the Maker series still being a DIY kit and the ULTIPro+ being our most adjustable and expandable pre-assembled 3D printer. The Maker and Maker X are both equipped with the Uber Z axis, where the Maker X comes complete with a Projector and RPi 2 pre-loaded with nanoDLP. The ULTIPro+ is as good as it gets with the ability to expand to the Large FlexVat and Build Plate, but also in that it comes pre-assembled and includes every add-on that we offer.

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