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Introducing the mUVe 3D DLP Pro Lineup

Introducing the mUVe 3D DLP Pro and Pro+ 3D Printers, our most robust printer design yet. A simpler construction using stronger components shows this printer means business. Our elegant design will fit into your home or work office and the footprint is smaller than ever.

We know it can be tough to start out with a new 3D printer, especially if you’re new to the game. Resin based 3D printing has been around for a long time but for good reason are we now starting to break into households, home workplaces, and small businesses. It was too difficult to get up and running or the time requirements weren’t manageable. Consider today the end to those hurdles and the start of a new era. We’re ushering in systems where open 3D printing standards actually make it easier to use your machine. You’ll have more capability and enable yourself to build things you never thought possible. All while doing it for less money. The feature rich Pro series is sure to have everything you need. For home and business our printers have you covered!

  • DLP Pro and Pro+ Pre-Assembled 3D Printers


-All Metal Construction

-Adjustable Projection Positions/Resolutions

-Easy View UV Blocking Door

-Available With or Without Projector

-Completely Stand-Alone, PC Req’d for Preparing Prints

-nanoDLP with RPi 2 Included and Pre-loaded!

-Super Easy and Quick Calibration Routine!


Software setup is as simple as plugging it into into your local PC network and discovering it using UPnP! Read on for more details.

  • Revolutionary nanoDLP Printer Control Software

-Mask Support



-Dynamic Print Speed

-Blackout During Prints

-SVG, SLC, and PNG Support

-Custom Buttons

-Easy Upgrades

-UPnP Network Discovery

-Even a Cloud Dashboard to remotely monitor your printers!

Pre-Order Yours Today!

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