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Midwest RepRap Festival 2016

It’s that time of year again and we’re definitely excited to take part in the event. The Midwest RepRap Festival in Goshen, Indiana is a great place to meet, learn, enjoy new technology, and just hang out and talk 3D printing. The event is free as it always has and we expect a larger turnout than ever before. So if you’re in the area or up for a road trip this weekend, definitely head over and come see us. We’ll be printing with the new DLP Pro+ 3D Printer and can answer all of your questions. We’ll also have our ULTIPro+ printer with the Large FlexVat installed and printing, hopefully something really cool :)

Highlights of the event:

LIVE PRESENTATIONS Come hear presentations on some of the highlights of reprap projects, examples of innovative ideas and designs and even some really neat examples of what can be done with 3D printers.  We’ll also have one of the most active teachers in the U.S. with 3D printing explaining how to get kids in schools to grab ahold and use 3D printing.

TEST AND TUNE Experts will be on hand to help you troubleshoot issues or take your prints to the next level!  The event is FULL of people who want to see everyone become an expert.  Whether it’s a simple question about a software setting, a new mechanical design, recommendations on where to go to get involved with reprap or more, don’t hesitate to ask anyone at the event.

MEET THE MAKERS  Meet some of the big names in RepRap TBA




If you are already a 3D Printer user, please feel free to bring your printer to show offor get help tuning. If you aren’t, this will be a great opportunity for you to see the various makes models in person. In addition, several of the primary reprap vendors will be on site. I’m sure they will have things for sale and you may even get a discount!


Head on over to the event website to see more!


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