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MakerJuice WaxCast Resin Now Available

MakerJuice Labs is proud to announce the immediate release of our newest product: MakerJuice WaxCast. WaxCast is a premium, direct investment casting resin designed for jewelers and engineers, professionals and hobbyists alike who are looking to get the best results from their printers.

Under development for over two years, WaxCast has gone through countless iterations to arrive at a finalized formulation. The persistence has paid off, resulting in a material which prints extremely well on a wide variety of SLA printers including the LittleRP, B9Creator®, Form1+, and many more.

“WaxCast is a great new addition to the jewelry industry, allowing jewelers the ability to have great prints and castability all in one affordable resin.” John Matthews, Jeweler for Moseley’s Diamond Showcase, Lexington SC

WaxCast was designed with casting in mind, and meticulously tested for that purpose by a handful of jewelers and engineers across the world. Through the testing process, we perfected the features most sought after in a casting resin:

  • Less than 0.1% residual ash after burnout
  • Non-reactive with common investments such as Plasticast™
  • Optimized for 25µm – 50µm layers, but can be adjusted by exposure
  • Low degradation of PDMS vat coatings
  • Quick layer times
  • Low odor for use in commercial settings
  • Resistant to most solvents, including alcohol and acetone
  • No pigments to settle out


Additionally, we’ve brought some new features to WaxCast not previously seen in affordable casting resins:

  • Contains the very highest quality, natural waxes. As well as helping to provide excellent casting characteristics, this means normal working wax can be used for attaching to sprues and modifying prints.
  • UV reactive coloring to show cure level. Often it is hard to know if you have post-cured a print properly. With WaxCast, the print changes color from a darker red to a light orange when fully cured.



Pre and Post Cure



Throughout this development process, the team at MakerJuice has kept one idea at its core: to provide not only the very best resin for casting, but to make the it affordable.  Some companies charge hundreds of dollars for a liter of their casting resin, while offering only marginal performance. With WaxCast, you will get better performance and better casts for only $95 per liter.

MakerJuice is excited to share this new product with you, and look forward to the amazing creations WaxCast enables users to bring to the world!

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