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nanoDLP MakerJuice Profiles w/Adaptive Peel

We’re happy to announce our new printing profiles for the main MakerJuice resin products, SubG+ and SubSF. These new profiles will decrease print time while simultaneously increasing print reliability. At first that may seem a tall order, how would you increase speeds while also increasing reliability? Simply put, we monitor the print and make changes to print settings based on information we can read about it.

We now are utilizing “X/Y printed area” calculations in nanoDLP to adjust the print peel speeds and distances automatically. Small printed parts, and any layers of a print that have a smaller printed area will peel faster and with less distance. Larger parts and any layers that cure over a limit that we set in mm^2 will automatically be detected and the peel slowed down while simultaneously increasing its distance. This change allows enough time for the larger printed area to smoothly detach.

We highly recommend trying our new profiles as soon as possible! Keep in mind they are a starting location and adjustments will need to be made depending on resin color and variance in Z layer choice as well as X/Y print areas. With that being said, a small adjustment to any of the profiles, higher or lower cure times depending on your printer setup, is all that will be necessary to ensure print success out of the gate.

*NOTE* All of these profiles utilize a setup with the hot-mirror removed. If you haven’t removed your hot mirror you will want to double the cure times before trying to print.
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