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NextDent Resin Testing Phase 1

About 30 days ago we received a request to test NextDent resins for compatibility on the mUVe 3D DLP Printers. Most dental modeling requires non-reflective colors and high pigment density so that details can easily be seen. Unfortunately most standard 3D printing resins are strong colors. This can make it difficult to analyze models for dimensionality and overall accuracy. So there is a clear need and we were happy to take on the initial testing of what we considered the best resin to work with, NextDent Model. In a color of Oker this resin offers minimal light reflection and a very smooth, densely pigmented surface.

Initial testing proved this resin a bit tougher, similar to casting resins and other deeply pigmented materials. Due to its viscosity the resin also has trouble with smooth/solid print surfaces. After changing from the standard aluminum print surface to the punched steel offering we immediately got successful prints and can happily say that NextDent resins will slowly start receiving print profiles for the mUVe 3D DLP Printers starting now.

Below you will find a link to the NextDent profile that has been successfully tested as working, it also includes the new dynamic print speed adjustments. We will continue to add to this same link as new profiles are released. This initial profile is set at 50 micron Z, and 75 micron X/Y. Do not try to print layers thicker than 50 micron with this resin as it is too densely pigmented.

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