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Stronger Uber Z

The Uber Z Axis was a large improvement to the DLP system when it was added over a year ago. At that time the components were still lightweight and had more flexibility than wanted but it was a transition piece from our earlier laser systems and at the time made great sense. It reused components that everyone had, and kept the upgradability that we always strive for. While the replacement component Uber Z axis provided a single piece construction to keep simplicity, over time we still found there was a bit to be desired in stiffness and accuracy. While they don’t cause issue for most people, several kit builders gave feedback and we heard you loud and clear. So please welcome the latest version of the Uber Z components.

These new parts are already rolling out on all prebuilt systems and will be included in kits by the end of the year. At that time we will also offer an upgrade kit in our store for those inclined to keep up with changes as we roll them out. The parts are very strong and mate at 90 degree angles making assembly much faster than before. Having built-in adjustability also means that custom machine builders and owners will easily be able to adapt these parts to their use, especially if you’re using non-standard leadscrews and nuts. 

As always you can send any questions to us via our contact form or through our support links and forum in the menu above. 

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