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nanoDLP: Now With Support Generation!

nanoDLP, the modern savior to DLP printers the world around, is adding to its already stunning feature set with the release of internal support generation. This web based support generator is full featured and allows you to create custom support pillars with custom sizing, bases, tip options, and even support for vertical model stacking! While the current version offers support for STL models only, this de-facto standard file format is something that every 3D printer owner/operator is familiar with. So head over to your printer’s nanoDLP dashboard right away, ask it to install the latest beta version to see for yourself! We’re sure this is going to be a welcome addition and something that is probably going to save a lot of time for those of you using multiple processing softwares. And because it’s browser based, it will use your browser cache to save your different support settings so they’re available any time you come back.


For those looking for a little direction on how to get started using the support generator, feel free to use our guide below. It is hosted on Google Docs and is open for comments as all of our documentation is. If you have any changes, input, or tips to add please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment right in the guide.

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