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Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) 2017

It’s March so that means it is once again time to travel to Goshen, Indiana for the largest open 3D printer event in the country. The Midwest RepRap Festival is a great place to meet, learn, enjoy new technology, and just hang out and talk 3D printing. The event is free as it always has and we expect a larger turnout than ever before. So if you’re in the area or up for a road trip this weekend, definitely head over and come see us. We’ll be printing with the DLP Pro+ and UltiPro 3D Printers and can answer all of your questions. We’ll also be giving a sneak peak of a new prototype 3D printer we hope to release in the coming months. We don’t have too many details to share right now, but come see us starting this Friday March 24th and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

Highlights of the event:

The 5th annual Midwest RepRap Festival is taking place March 24-26th 2017 in the same location as last year. Nestled in the middle of nowhere Indiana, you’ll find the largest gathering of 3D printers and 3D printing enthusiasts anywhere in the WORLD. With over 1,000 attendees each of the past few years MRRF has become the best 3D printing festival anywhere and we’re excited to do it again!

FRIDAY 5pm – 10pm
Setup day and hangout day as in past events, with many people showing up and bringing in all their stuff to show off. The event hall will open at 5pm and stay open until 10pm for setup for anyone coming to attend. If you’re just coming to walk through you’re welcome to come friday as well! Plenty of hang out time and meetups on Friday. Feel free to wander out and grab food then come back and hang out.

SATURDAY 10am – 6pm
Doors open by 10am and let the show begin!
SATURDAY Noon – 6pm
Speakers and presenters throughout the day starting at noon giving talks on all things 3D printing and/or related.
SATURDAY 7pm-9pm
Dinner for all registered attendees. Chinese Buffet is where it’s at again, so come hungry!

SUNDAY 10am – 5pm
Doors open by 10am. There will be FPV Drone racing outdoors weather permitting and a few more presentations this year on Sunday. Event ends 5pm and load out/cleanup afterwards.

If you are already a 3D Printer user, please feel free to bring your printer to show off or get help tuning. If you aren’t, this will be a great opportunity for you to see the various makes models in person. In addition, several of the primary reprap vendors will be on site. I’m sure they will have things for sale and you may even get a discount!

Head on over to the event website to see more!


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