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4K DLP Printing Arrives

We are extremely happy to announce today the arrival of the 4k DLP printing line. You can truly have large format AND high resolution in one package! With the updated design we have an improved UltiPro chassis along side a new floor standing system. This new machine setup offers shelving and tool organizers, while allowing an even larger adjustment range on the projector. This means more projector compatibility, easier projector calibration, a more organized work environment, and yet another reason to choose mUVe 3D. Of course we couldn’t leave anyone out so we’re offering several upgrade kits along with the brand new system.  If you own an UltiPro or Maker you can upgrade to a full 4k powerhouse or upgrade the lower chassis to provide a higher level of organization in your lab, office, home, or workshop. Raspberry Pi running nanoDLP, or a desktop computer with 4k output via HDMI, is required for 4k printing. 


When ordering the full system with 4k projector, or full 4k upgrade kit:

-4X pixel density for 4X greater print area at your current 1080P resolution, or 4x better resolution at your current 1080P print area. 

-Improved projector lens for better projector focus over the entire print area.

-Projector protection shroud to shield your expensive projector from resin drips or spills.

-Modified for 3D printing 4k Projector, Optoma UHD60. Includes additional lens kit for high range of focus/resolutions. 

-Raspberry Pi 3 setup to output 4k resolution, *full system only, RPi 3 setup for 4k can be ordered from our store. Just order the standard preloaded RPi 3 and ask for 4K setup in your order notes.*


When ordering chassis only, or both, you also receive:

-Shelving and mounts for your electronics and tools.

-Floor height adjustable shelving for resin storage, etc. 

-New projector mount with hinged, easy adjustment system.

-Easy adjust shutter mount bar allows for universal shutter placement when using our shutter kit available in the store. 


More to come soon including:

-Pricing and complete information on website by 10/20

-High quality painted panels for a sleek machine look, gloss black and white

-Pro and Pro+ 4k machine upgrade offerings


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