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Pardon Our Dust, It’s Time To Upgrade….Everywhere!

Assembly Area

It’s time for a long overdue update on the status of mUVe 3D’s current projects and status. Though we admit it’s not from any lack of being busy that we’ve taken this long to share with you all. In fact it’s quite the opposite as we’ve just finished our move to a new location! That’s right, we’ve upgraded and moved out of our previous warehouse space to something that is 3x larger.  Which simply means more room to breathe, assemble, ship, design and a bit more space for finalizing our upcoming open-source LCD 3D printer. The move wasn’t terribly far we must admit, about 2 miles. But we’ve taken the time to custom build the space to suit our current and future needs, and it’s nearly finished. New workstations, tools, and improved organization for assembling and doing what we do best. High quality and custom, built-to-order UV 3D Printers that suit a huge range of fields and unique requirements. We currently design and ship custom 3D printers at nearly 3x the rate of previous years. Where there’s a special need, we’re still always there to help with custom hardware, firmware, and software.

Like we said, it’s not only the new workshop that has us excited. After long waits for manufacturers promising parts over the holidays, we finally have a manufacturer with good LCD and UV backlight solutions that are effective and worthwhile. These upcoming 2K resolution 3D printers and conversion kits will have professional quality and still be offered at a price that undercuts every single competitor out there. Because of our previous reservations releasing an LCD based printer, easy breakage and short lifespan, we continued to wait and test new product. Now we finally believe that the LCDs and UV lights are at a cost that makes them worthwhile for our customers, even if a small percentage of the shortcomings still exist. They become less important because simple part replacements with low cost will continue to be available and likely from a number of manufacturers as the printing style grows. But even less so because the new screens and lights have been designed with 3D printing in-mind. Parallel LCDs and quartz lensed UV lamps provide stable and long lasting power printing capability. Expect more on these printers from us later this month and next. 

Finally, we are currently looking into new web site designs that will be faster and bring a simpler look to the layout. This is a work in-progress but the changes should be forthcoming this summer.

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