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About Us

  • What is mUVe 3D?

mUVe 3D, Pronounced “Move 3D,” is an Open-Source 3D Printer, Research, Design and Sales company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in January 2013 by Dean Piper, they have been aggressive to bring new technologies to market at prices that were once unheard of. mUVe 3D has provided advanced 3D printers along with their parts and supplies to large and small business, Universities, K-12 Public and Private Schools, Dentists, Jewelers, Startups, and of course the DIY community for over 7 years, and we continue to grow. All of our printers are designed, built, and shipped from the U.S.A.



Workshop/Warehouse Address:


1150 Dallas Ave SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49507

You can reach us via the contact form in our menu above or by sending an email to support@muve3d.net



  • Who is mUVe 3D?

mUVe 3D was founded by Dean Piper in 2013. For over 5 years he has been engineering low cost, high function and high quality 3D printers. While also working to create an open community that is self-supporting and highly capable. By giving customers more control over their machines, while keeping simplicity in design and function, mUVe 3D allows the community to drive innovation from within itself. Dean started his professional career with the United States Air Force managing large computer networks and infrastructures. An education focused on Software Engineering during that enlistment allowed him to expand into new fields. Now as a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force he continues to grow as a Mechanical Engineer by creating 3D printers that are always upgradeable, and ensure better customer value than any other printer on the market. His experience with 3D printing goes back over a decade with his first 3D printer being a RepRap Mendel that was made only through community support from the RepRap group of Michigan, namely Tim Schmidt. From those cobbled together beginnings until now, Dean has been dedicated to providing to that community that once provided to him.


  • Lead Engineer/Researcher - Tim Schmidt
  • Founder/President - Dean Piper

Timothy Schmidt is a core RepRap developer who joined the project in 2009.  He currently works as a software developer and information technologist for the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action, and mUVe3D.  He developed support in the Marlin firmware for laser cutting and raster engraving, 3D sintering, and 3D resin printing.  He founded the Michigan RepRap Users group and co-founded Lansing Makers Network, a not-for-profit makerspace in Lansing, Michigan.  He’s made contributions to the RepRap Build System, the MCAD library, the Repsnapper host software, the Sells Mendel, hotend designs enabling printing with PLA, stepper driven extruders, Gen2OnABoard and Gen3 electronics, and more.