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Getting Ready to GoGo

Hello all. I just wanted to give a update on the way things have been going and what we are working on. As it stands the printer is fully functional! We are using Teflon based tape as the reservoir coating and punched steel as the build platform. We ordered an 80W Professional laser cutter and

Current Project State

There hasn’t been a lot to report lately as there have been a few hangups that are being worked through. We are currently awaiting a supply of glass from a coatings company in Chicago and when it arrives we will be hitting the ground running. Right now it seems like PDMS is not a very

Parts List and Media

Since last night I have populated the media page with a good amount of images of the beta mUVe 1 3D printer. I also posted a rough list of the items purchased for the project so far, while it’s a bit messy it should include everything that I am currently using on the printer. So

Current Developments

I am in a bit of a stand-still right now since I am waiting on resin to arrive in the mail, I can’t continue testing without it. I have come up with a couple more ideas for an inexpensive case and ordered some material to give my theory a try. I think that the corrugated

mUVe 1 – More First Tests

Since my last post I have extinguished my resin samples and have gone back to redesigning some of the parts to make things more rigid throughout the Z axis. I tried a couple non-stick release coatings for the reservoir as well as made a couple extra reservoirs in case there are issues. I’m thinking that

mUVe 1 at 500 mm/s and 90% complete

Here the machine is running some more stress tests, so far so good! I don’t have much, if any, vibration and things aren’t wearing inappropriately. Still on the list of things to do: -Add heat to the glass reservoir -Add non-stick coating to glass -Attach Build Plate -Build containment box with UV blocking Arcylic front

mUVe 1 – First Movements

All, Here are the first movements of the mUVe 3D printer, this was recorded on the 16th. Only the X and Y axis exist and are the only powered axes. I have made much progress since then but haven’t had time to get the media uploading portion taken care of. I should have more up by this


Welcome to mUVe 3D, we are pleased to be opening up this site and will continue to post as much information as we can to keep you up to date on progress. Over time we would like to add comprehensive documentation, a wiki, and potentially a source for parts for the mUVe 3D. Please check

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