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DRV8825 Update

The first tests of the DRV8825 driver have gone pretty well. Some things that we have found: 1/32 microstepping is totally un-necessary an doesn’t work all that great. Too little current is available and problems arise easily. The DRV8825 is much more efficient than the A4988, and runs much cooler. 1/8 or 1/16 microstepping work wonderfully with the mUVe 1, we prefer 1/8 so far. Lots of acceleration and power available at 1/8. These make the mUVe 1 run quieter, especially if you turn the source voltage down. The POT on the PSU we supply can get it down to about 10V. So the take-away is that these drivers are going to be sticking around. They perform much better at 1/8 and 1/16 stepping rates

Maker Faire Detroit

The big weekend is fast approaching! mUVe 3D will be joining the action and festivities at Maker Faire in Detroit. The fun takes place this weekend on July 27 and July 28. Please come and see us demo our mUVe 1 3D printer live as well as get the chance to see some of our high-resolution prints. We will be there with as much to offer as we can. Get there early enough and you may get the chance to get your hands on a mUVe 1 3D printer without having to wait. There are only a couple available so make sure to come visit us if you have had an interest in one of our kits! There is a lot more coming to the

Doubling the Resolution

Hello all. We’ve been hard at work this whole week, and what a warm week it was. We hit over 90 degrees in the shop today but kept cool with some big fans. This week we’ve been doing a lot of ordering and should be on to the next batch of kits in no time. I think we were very conservative with our delivery times and I’m really hoping we can deliver on the early side of that window. Aside from that we have also been getting some upgraded electronics for testing. The Pololu DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is based on a chip from TI and offers 1/32 microstepping with 10% more current. Right now we are testing them on the mUVe 1 and

Zheng3 Continues

I’ve been trying to get through a massive backlog of prints that I promised at one point or another and I’ve made a little progress. Zheng3 recently released a group of 6 rats, as well as 1 rat he sent to me that the Replicator couldn’t print, and I managed to print them all without issue. It seems like the mUVe 1 really is a lot more flexible when it comes to complex prints when compared to FFF printing. I have one other part from Zheng3 that he couldn’t print as a single part on the Replicator, or any FFF printer without support for that matter. It’s a tiny pennon and it also printed quite nicely despite a near 90 degree overhang. Check out all

mUVe 3D GCode Fix Software Update v0.6

The GCode correction software for the mUVe 1 printer has been updated. It can be found on the software page as well as GitHub. This update addresses an issue that recently started popping up in the recent releases of Slic3r. Currently there seems to be little consistency to how Slic3r addresses the Z layer change and it will randomly insert the feed rate on the same line throughout the code. Because of this the mUVe 3D GCode Fixing software was unable to properly address the data in those lines of code. The update allows our software to handle those inconsistencies so it won’t matter moving forward.

The Pre-Sale Has Begun

Last night we officially opened up our site to take mUVe 1 3D Printer Pre-Orders. All of our IndieGoGo campaign kits will be at least prepped by the end of this week so we are ready to move up to the next level. We have 5 kits to choose from so you can join the action in several ways. We wanted to make the kits match your needs and if you take a look you’ll agree that there’s something for just about every type of 3D printing enthusiast. If you’re one to dive in head first you can get the Ultimate kit and have everything you need to get printing fast, plus you get to customize your machine! Want to save a little cash then

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