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2018 MRRF (Mid-West RepRap Festival) – New Pro+ 4K Printer

Come see us once again at the 2018 Mid-West RepRap Festival. Held annually this event always delivers and promises to be no different this year. There will be a ton of new projects being shown off by companies, makers, and designers, and we’re even going to release our brand new DLP Pro+ 4K printer at the event. So be sure to stop by and check out the new tech. For full event details see below. Midwest RepRap Festival 2018 will be held March 23rd through March 25th 2018 at the same location as previous years. What is MRRF? It’s the worlds largest celebration of open source 3D printing with over 1,000 people from around the globe attending in 2017. If you are a hobbyists, enthusiast

Molecule Ink – New Printing Resins Available!

We’re happy to announce a new 3D printing materials partnership with Molecule Ink of California. They’re a highly skilled group of people with deep experience in the printing worldwide materials market. To date they have some of the coolest and highest performance materials we have seen. Please take the time to look over their catalog of offerings and consider taking advantage of the 15% discount available right now!

MakerJuice WaxCast Resin Now Available

MakerJuice Labs is proud to announce the immediate release of our newest product: MakerJuice WaxCast. WaxCast is a premium, direct investment casting resin designed for jewelers and engineers, professionals and hobbyists alike who are looking to get the best results from their printers. Under development for over two years, WaxCast has gone through countless iterations to arrive at a finalized formulation. The persistence has paid off, resulting in a material which prints extremely well on a wide variety of SLA printers including the LittleRP, B9Creator®, Form1+, and many more. “WaxCast is a great new addition to the jewelry industry, allowing jewelers the ability to have great prints and castability all in one affordable resin.” John Matthews, Jeweler for Moseley’s Diamond Showcase, Lexington SC WaxCast was

nanoDLP – Clearing the Way

Today we’re happy to announce the arrival of a custom version of the nanoDLP software for mUVe 3D DLP printers. All details can be found in our new documentation, just click the link from the support menu above. nanoDLP is a huge addition to the printer landscape as it finally allows for use of our DLP printers without the need to be tethered to a PC. Baked inside are a ton of advanced features as well as support for a plethora of 3D printer designs and electronic setups. We’ve been working with the folks from nanoDLP for the better part of a month now on making a reliable and easy to use solution that will surely be a welcome replacement to running desktop software. nanoDLP runs on

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